Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gular Gultch Comic

I'm excited to also announce that I've recently struck a deal with my college newspaper The Almagest to create a weekly comic. Luckily for me they're a newspaper that has tons of space and usually not enough content to fill that space, so they've given me the luxury of having tons of space to do something that has more substance than your typical three panel comic strip. This time around I'm going to try and really push myself to tell a story, so expect to have full blown comic pages posted on this here blog ;)

All the Best,
Nick Fechter


  1. WOW!! Nick Happy New Year!!! I am very glad for you!!! I hope what all your planes in this year will become true! Sincerely to say I want in this year to do University News Paper too, with differently story's and sketches of our good and not so good students!!!!))) Good Luck man!

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