Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Back Baby!

Well....It's been awhile hasn't folks <:), perhaps I should explain.

In case you were wondering, I didn't stop drawing in the least bit. In fact, I simply moved my art to a new venue:

More specifically here:

On this thread:

Feel free to click the above link to see all the art that I haven't been posting on here :)

I'm really glad I found that website, for not only did it give me an opportunity to learn how to draw on paper (when I was still posting on this blog, I was doing NOTHING BUT digital art, and as a fledgling artist that course wasn't exactly increasing my drawing skills), but it also fostered a desire to pursue a career in animation, which I'm currently doing (view updated profile for more details).

And now that I've decided to embark on this path, I've now decided that I should dust the cobwebs of this old blog and start posting drawings and illustrations on this thread again. I'm actually planning on doing something special for this blog so that I can make daily (or at least semi-daily) posts, perhaps something along the lines of what this guy is doing:

Should be fun! Hope I come up with something quick so that I can start posting on this blog tomorrow :)

All the Best,
Nick Fechter