Saturday, March 6, 2010

My School's Senior Slide Show

At the end of every school year at my high school, my school has a slideshow in which the graduating seniors submit images of themselves to be in the end-year slideshow, and this year it's my turn!
Oh Yes........I expect there to be laughs.
-Nick Fechter


  1. Awesome idea ick! You are the best! I think that your presentation, will be more funny!!! ;)

  2. 先告訴自己希望成為什麼樣的人,然後一步一步實踐必要的步驟。........................................

  3. SO AWESOME NICK! Jeez.. I've been meaning to check in over the past while, but life has been so busy. I love these! I can't believe how much your artwork has evolved over the past year. Way to go! You're on your way to greatness!! Congrats on finishing up school! :D

  4. These are great Nick ,people on Dons site are missing you and your works wow dude I cant believe how young and tallented you are :)