Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Hey everybody, hope you had a great Halloween, cause I sure did!
-Nick Fechter


  1. Hello!!! Dear Nick!!!
    Recently, I saw your work in your blog . Frankly to say - it really awesome.
    I have one small request, Like have you seen, my blog;

    don't have a picture for the head (title). Can you try to make a drawing with a size like Jeorge Garcia have in his blog:

    I will be very glad if you will draw on this picture " a whale in sea which carries mail and on this mail have to written - Me 'n' Love".
    Sorry for my request. I would like to put in my blog the same interesting picture too (in your stile). Write me please reply .
    Beforehand thanks.

  2. Thanks guys! And there's no need to apologize Jenea, I'd love to make something for your blog. I'll email you for further details.