Sunday, June 28, 2009

New and Improved Self Portrait

This is what I look like :D

-Nick Fechter


  1. Cool one=) A bit different from the previous though. What kind of technique you use btw? You draw on top of a real photo or you just copy it side to side xD.

  2. Thanks. It is a bit different from the previous one because I had to use a poor quality reference photo. Ask for how I made it, I just simply set the photo to the side and tried my best to mimick it with ocassional glances. My technique was simply making a fairly detailed sketch then painting over it. But I would NEVER try to draw on top of the real photo, you learn alot more as an artist by biting the bullet, rather than tracing.

  3. Yes ofc =) i was just curious because you really do it good, and sometimes just mimick an image is a bit hard.(with full details and stuff). Great job.