Saturday, March 14, 2009

Neville & Co. #32

WHEW! Here's Edition number 32

After several trys, I managed to make a new strip using my new Wacom graphics tablet. The application is a major improvement from Gimpshop in my opinion, and shall probably improve my abilities even further.

However, I'm still limited to posting cartoons in BMP format (trust me, I've tryed posting in PNG and it wouldn't let me) so if any you guys know the secret on how to break free from this, please don't hesitate to lay it on me.

And on a side note, I'm thinking of joining the blog Sugar Frosted Goodness. I'm not sure they'd accept my work, but I'd hope they will none the less.

So anyway, thanks for sticking through this week and having to stand the hideous abominations that I put on my blog, and stay tuned for even more strips to come.

Have A Goodin'!

Nick Fechter

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  1. Your drawing skills are astonishing, you really are talented.